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On this FAQ page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about renting at appartement-met-zeezicht.be. Please read these questions and answers before you book your holiday The apartment of The Loft.

I would like to book. How do I book my holiday period?
You can easily book with us. Click here for our reservation page. On that page you choose the desired period for your holiday and enter your details. We then draw up a rental agreement. In it you will find all information regarding the rental and all our contact details. You will receive the rental agreement by email. Once you have read everything carefully and you agree, you can sign it and return it. This is easiest by e-mail (scan or photograph and e-mail back), but may also be sent by post. You will also find all payment details in the rental agreement. More information about the method of payment can be found under the question: “When do I have to pay the rent?”
Can I rent a night, a weekend or a midweek?
No, unfortunately that is not possible. We only rent out our holiday homes per week.
Can I choose on which day the rental period starts?
We work with fixed arrival and departure days. At Het Appartement this is always on Saturday. The Loft is always rented from Friday to Friday.
When do I have to pay the rent?
Do you book 1 month or less for your holiday? Then you immediately pay the full rental price. Are you booking more than a month before your holiday? Then you pay half of the rental price when booking. You then pay the other half a month before departure. Do you book more than 8 months in advance? Then you pay 25% when booking, 4 months before departure you pay another 25% and one month before departure you pay the last 50%.
How much is the guarantee? And when will I get it back?
The deposit is 250 euros. You pay this together with the last installment of the rent (one month before departure). Within a week after your stay, the money will be refunded to the account from which the rent was paid.
What are the cancellation conditions?
The rental agreement states the following about canceling your holiday: For cancellations up to two months before departure, 10% of the rental price will be charged. For cancellations up to one month before departure, 50% of the rental price will be charged. In case of cancellations afterwards, 100% of the rent will be charged. To avoid risks, you can choose to take out cancellation insurance through your insurance broker.
What are the dimensions of the beds?
The dimensions of the beds in The Apartment: Room 1: Double bed: 1m80 – 2m10 with split. Because most people do not have such a fitted sheet, it is free on the bed anyway. Duvet: 2m40 x 2m20 Room 2: Double bed: 1m40 – 2m, Duvet: 2m40 x 2m20. Single loft bed 90 cm - 2m, down duvet 1m50 - 2m Living: Double sofa bed: 1m40 - 2m, down duvet: 2m40 x 2m20 In De Loft: Double bed: 1m60 - 2m, down duvet: 2m40 x 2m60. Covered beds are included at De Loft included in the price of the final cleaning.
Can I rent bed linen, towels and kitchen towels?
We prefer not to rent bed linen, bath linen and kitchen towels anymore. The new VAT rules make this too expensive and too complex. On this page you will find more information about renting bed linen and towels.
At what time can I arrive and until what time can we stay?
You can arrive in the Apartment from 15 pm. You leave at the latest at 11 am. That gives us time to clean the holiday apartment. You can arrive in the Loft from 17 pm and leave until 14 pm for the same reason. Thanks to our flexible key system, you can also arrive later and/or leave earlier. More information about this can be found under the question “How do I get the keys to the holiday home?”.
How do I get the keys to the holiday home?
We work with a key safe containing all necessary keys in duplicate. This means you are free to arrive or depart at a time that suits you best. As soon as the balance of the rent is on our account, you will receive an email with the exact location and the code of the key safe.
Is there a lift in the building?
Yes, both holiday homes are accessible via the elevator. The apartment is on the sixth floor and can be reached by elevator via the main entrance. At De Loft you can choose. Either you take the main entrance, do a few stairs and from there take the elevator to the fifth floor. Or you take the back entrance of the building in the Troonstraat. Those who take the back entrance do not have to do any stairs and can immediately take the elevator to the fifth floor. Here you will find the ground plans for Het Appartement and De Loft.
What is there in the kitchen?
Is there WiFi?
You can make free use of WiFi in Het Appartement and De Loft. You will find the password in the information brochure upon arrival. There is also free WiFi on the Zeedijk and in the city center of Ostend. Find the network _Free Wifi aan Zee and log in.
Is there digital television?
Thanks to Proximus digital television, you can enjoy 80 television channels in digital quality, including Belgian, Dutch, French and English channels.
Is the holiday residence wheelchair accessible?
Honest is fair: we do not know what is necessary to call a home "wheelchair accessible". What we do know is that people who are in a wheelchair rent the apartment regularly. Because you know best what your needs are, we have provided a floor plan of our holiday accommodations with the dimensions of the main entrance, the elevator and the dimensions of all the passageways in the house. Here you will find the ground plans for Het Appartement and De Loft.
How big is the parking space? And where is that?
At The Apartment there is one covered garage at street level. This is 6 meters deep, 2m90 wide and 2m05 high. The garage is located at the rear of the apartment building, in the street parallel to the Zeedijk. The Loft has its own parking space. This is 5 meters deep and 2m50 wide. This parking space is located in a closed parking lot in the street at the back of the building. When renting De Loft you get the remote control of the barrier.
Where can I park a second car?
You can park your second car in the streets around the Apartment or the Loft. From October to March you can park near the holiday accommodations for only 10 cents per hour. You pay every day from 9am to 20pm. From April to September you pay € 0,75 per hour there. If you want to park cheaper during that period, you can try that in the large car park on the corner of Troonstraat and Northlaan (entrance via Northlaan). You usually park there for free. Or you can park behind the horse racing track. More information about this and a street map can be found at our page about parking in Ostend.
Are there any stores nearby
2 supermarkets, 2 bakers, a pharmacy, various restaurants and taverns, the MediaMarkt. They are located within 1 km of Het Appartement and De Loft.
Are the holiday homes easily accessible by public transport?
Definitely. With train and the coastal tram you can easily reach your holiday destination. Whichever of the two holiday homes you stay in, it is best to take the coastal tram to De Panne from Ostend station. Get off at Ostend Northlaan stop. The Apartment is 400 meters from this stop. The Loft is 500 m from this stop. Click here for it all info about the coastal tram. Surf to the NMBS for the timetable to and from Ostend
What is not included in the rental price?
On these website pages about Het Appartement and De Loft you will find what is included at the bottom. All costs are included in the rental price, except final cleaning (€60 in the Apartment, €65 in the Loft), bed linen, bath towels and kitchen towels. The final cleaning is mandatory, this is the only way we can guarantee that the holiday accommodations are in perfect condition for you and our next tenants. You can bring or rent bed linen, bath linen and kitchen towels to Het Appartement. You can read the price here: "How much does it cost to rent bed linen, towels and kitchen towels?"
Can I bring my dog ​​(s) on holiday?
We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the sea with those they love. With your partner, your friends, your children or grandchildren… and therefore also with you dogs. One or two dogs are perfect for us, subject to paying a small surcharge. On our page dogs allowed you can find all info about holidays at sea with your pet.
Can I smoke in the holiday residence?
No, smoking is prohibited in Het Appartement and De Loft.
Which house rules must I respect?
Our house rules ensure that the tenant leaves Het Appartement or De Loft in excellent condition for you. It alerts tenants to the smoking ban, our pet rules, and so on. Anyone who rents from us must sign and respect these rules. You can read the house rules and rental conditions via this link.
Is there a bicycle shed?
Yes. You can store your bicycles dry and safely indoors. The Apartment has a spacious garage with space for bicycles. De Loft has 3 rooms for bicycles in the basement of the building, accessible from Troonstraat. Click here for the map of the bicycle shed of De Loft.
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More questions?

Can't find the answer to your question on this FAQ page? Feel free to contact us. The private landlords Anke and Hans rent out their two accommodations on the Zeedijk in Ostend. You can contact them with all your questions. You can also rent the Apartment or the Loft directly from them for your next holiday with a sea view in Ostend.

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