Middelkerke, cartoon city by the sea

Middelkerke is located next to Mariakerke - Ostend. This seaside resort is within walking distance of The apartment en The Loft, our rental apartment with sea view. What could you do in Middelkerke? This page tells you.

Middelkerke with sea view

Ostend, where we rent out our Apartment and Loft on the Zeedijk, is located right in the middle of the Belgian coastline. Middelkerke is located to the west as the first municipality next to Ostend. The municipality of over 19.000 inhabitants is known by many for the casino on the seawall. But whoever drives or walks there will find nothing of it. The old casino has been demolished. Mayor Jean-Marie Dedecker announced that the new, planned glass casino will not be built after all. We are so happy for all the people who now have a fantastic sea view. Those who want to play slot machines, or would like to take their chances in a game of blackjack or roulette, can go to the Grand Casino on Westendelaan.

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Walks in Middelkerke

When we go for a walk in Middelkerke, we always start by the sea. Or what did you think? Nothing beats a long beach walk! But there's more: - The heritage walk. More than 100 rivets mark a four-kilometre route. Follow them and discover the Villa les Zéphyrs and the many witnesses of the cosmopolitan past of the coastal municipality. - The Warandeduinen. This calcareous dune area is one of the most beautiful areas of the Middle Coast. Thousands of orchids are in bloom in June. The steel Warandetoren offers you a unique view of Middelkerke and Westende, the vast polders and of course the sea. - The Sculpture Park on the border between sea and land lets you experience modern and tangible art. It is one of the culture hotspots of the coast. Be sure to put your ear to the giant 'listening system'.

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Comic municipality by the sea

Middelkerke is the comic city on the Belgian coast. On the seawall and elsewhere in the municipalities you will find statues and murals of all your comic book heroes: Jommeke, Suske en Wiske, Urbanus, Lucky Luke, FC De Kampioenen,… The comic festival middelkerke attracts thousands of visitors every summer. Who knows, you might even meet your comic book heroes in person. Practice a selfie on the selfie couch with Aunt Sidonia. Sit next to the aunt with the world famous yellow crest and laugh!

Middelkerke is fun for children

Numerous events ensure entertainment during your holiday by the sea. Click here for the Middelkerke events calendar. Treasure hunt through geocaching. Take your GPS receiver, smartphone or tablet and choose one of a nice geocache in Middelkerke via geocaching.com. Jommeke cycle route takes you and your children to the locations of the comic book Missie Middelkerke. Excitement and adventure is assured when searching for the 11 hidden letters.

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Easy accessibility Middelkerke

Middelkerke is the coastal municipality next to Ostend. A beautiful beach walk of 6,5 km, for a large part along an undeveloped coastline. Of course you can also use the Textcoastal tram to take. The nearest stop 'Oostende Northlaan' is only a 5-minute walk from our Apartment-with-sea view. In high season there is a tram every 10, 15 or 20 minutes. In the low season every half hour. There are a number of car parks in and around Middelkerke. Paying day parking and four free parking lots. You can drive your car indefinitely park free at: - Parking Normandlaan - Parking Kerkhof - Parking Klein Kasteelstraat - Parking Ijzerlaan

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Wheelchair accessible apartment by the sea
Wheelchair accessible apartment by the sea
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