Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year in Ostend

Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year create a unique atmosphere across the North Sea, across Ostend, across the beach and the shopping streets. Fireworks above the sea. Unique Christmas lights. Ice skating in the park ...

Fireworks on New Year

The end of year fireworks is a good tradition in Ostend. Thousands of people celebrate the transition from old to new at midnight with the enchanting light show. The unique reflection in the North Sea does not affect any city of Ostend. Come to the Groot Strand at midnight on New Year's Eve, near the Ostend Casino. Enjoy the enchanting colors, the loud bangs and the whirling stars. Every year top fireworks. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Happy New Year !!!

Super cozy Christmas market

Ostend has a super cozy Christmas market. That is what the tenants of Het Appartement and De Loft are experiencing every year. The nicest square in Ostend is bathed in a Christmas atmosphere. Order your mulled wine or gin, your sausage or smout dumplings. Immerse yourself in the Christmas animation and the adapted music program. The Christmas market is surrounded by more than 150 illuminated Christmas trees. And do you think Santa should not be missing at your cozy Christmas party? Then you just look for him? From 30 November to 6 January the good old man lives in his House of Santa Claus on the Ostend Wapenplein. Do the greetings from us 😉

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activities not to be missed during the Christmas holidays

Even in the winter it is fantastic to be at the seaside. Ostend is in festive mood during the Christmas holidays. Reason enough to book a holiday in Ostend at Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's. Choose the calm on the beach ... or one of these 3 activities.

1. Light tunnel
A fairy light tunnel covers the Adolf Buylstraat. That is special in itself. But more happens. The light sky gives a spectacular light show to music four times a day. With as many 232.500 lights you will not believe your eyes and ears when you experience this light show in Ostend! From 30 November at 16.45 hours, 17.45 hours, 18.45 hours and 19.45 hours.
2. New Year's dive
The New Year's Dive is not just for fools or warm-blooded people. Every year thousands of revelers and polar bears splash into the North Sea. "Just because it is nice to start the new year like that." Expect a mass warming up on the beach, hot drinks and snacks, a crazy dress-up party and yes… a refreshing dip in the sea. Spectators are also welcome! The New Year's Dive takes place on the beach of Ostend in front of the “Drie Gapers”, at the bronze equestrian statue of Leopold II on the Royal Galleries
3. Jamers Ensor
We recommend the Ensor exhibition for those who like it warmer. The man who lived, worked and buried in Ostend now also presents 26 of his works. Worldwide, museums, collectors and enthusiasts are interested in the groundbreaking art of James Ensor. Allow yourself to be amazed by dazzling nebulae above the sea, the wriggling chaos of The rebellious angels, a childish fairytale procession of a music chapel in the streets of Ostend, the spectacular Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Earthly Paradise and the mysterious silence on the roofs Ostend houses. Until 16 June 2019 to visit in Mu.ZEE, Romestraat 11.

With thanks to TV for this Aftermovie Nieuwjaarsduik Oostende

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Snow in Ostend?

Will you see the beach under a layer of snow during the Christmas holidays? A snowman with a view of the sea? Need three scarves? Or a surprisingly warm winter sun? Check the weather forecast here.

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