De Panne is more than Plopsaland. Our tips

Young and old travel to De Panne for Plopsaland. Nevertheless, the last large Belgian coastal municipality before the French border is much more than an amusement park. In this article our assets of De Panne.


De Panne, a four-season congregation


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More than Plopsaland

During our stays at the sea, we regularly travel to other coastal municipalities. Anke and I love the variety as long as the sea and the beach are nearby. The Belgian coastal cities and municipalities each have their own charm and assets. You will find activities, walks and places of interest everywhere. At 1, 2, 3 we are at the seaside with the coastal tram. Long live De Lijn! And the regularity with which the tram runs on our coast. So we immerse ourselves regularly and carefree a day in a different atmosphere and environment. Maybe you also find something nice between the activities we like to do in De Panne? Discover them in this article.

De Panne is a four-season congregation

Ostend, where we rent out our Apartment and Loft on the Zeedijk, is right in the middle of the Belgian coastline. De Panne is situated at the French border and is the southernmost seaside resort on the Belgian coast. The municipality of 11 000 inhabitants has grown from a fishing village into a tourist resort with a strong identity. De Panne himself calls himself a four-season congregation. There is always something to do. A beach walk is also wonderful in winter!

Surprising discovery

We found the Dumontwijk a nice discovery. A walk in the small streets feels like a flash back in time. The good old time, some will think. Coastal tourism was not as developed as today. There was still room for large villas in the dunes. The Dumont district offers a large sample of coastal architecture from the end of 19de and the beginning of the 20 century. The villas and cottages were built in the Belle époque style. Beautiful is how they were preserved until today, thanks to the many renovations. Most villas have been protected since 1995. Discover this gem of architectural heritage during the Heritage Walk or via one of the guided walks. The city game Rosalie is the best way to discover the picturesque and traffic-calmed Dumont district with children. Check out the trailer for the digital game that was developed by Toerisme De Panne.

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Walking in De Panne

When we go hiking in De Panne we always start at the sea. Or what did you think? There is little more than an elongated beach walk 😉 But there is more: - the vast Westhoek reserve, - the valuable fossil dunes of Cabour, - the Oosthoek dunes, - the Houtsaegerduinen nature reserve - the quiet Calmeynbos, - the ponds Markey in the beautiful Adinkerke We and many other hikers spend the most beautiful hours. The reserves, the trees, the green and the sea change colors every season. Be sure to also inform about the less mobile trail if you are less on your feet or are traveling with a buggy or wheelchair.

Fun for children

We do not have to imagine the most popular attraction for children. Plopsaland, the theme park of Samson and Gert, K3, Maya De Bij and their friends. In 2015, Samson and his friends opened Plopsaqua. This water paradise with super cool water attractions is for daredevils and pleasure makers. You may find a discount on the admission ticket via this link. Other activities for children in De Panne: - a petting zoo - city game Rosalie - bowling - skatepark - playgrounds Discounts on these attractions are provided with the children's ticket. Get it off at Tourism De Panne and score 12 discounts on your favorite attractions ... and a nice surprise.

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Easily accessible

De Panne is completely against the French border. This does not alter the fact that it is easily accessible from Ostend. We usually take the coastal tram. The nearest stop Oostende Northlaan is only a 5 minute walk from our apartment with sea view. In the high season there is a tram every 10, 15 or 20 minutes. In the low season every half hour. With a trip ticket or day pass you can easily travel the entire Belgian coast. From Knokke at the Dutch border to De Panne on the French border, that is a ride of no less than 2,5 hours. Funny is that you can also make the ride from behind your computer with this YouTube video With the Ermine from De Panne to Ostend.

Free Parking

Free car parks are located just outside the center of De Panne. You can park the car for an indefinite period: - Keesjesdreef (side road Veurnestraat) - Koningsplein (between Westhoeklaan and Koninklijke Baan) - Dynastielaan (with the exception of part from the roundabout Esplanade to H. Consciencelaan) - Nieuwpoortlaan (part between Koksijde and Canadezenplein) In this article we share what we find fun and interesting in De Panne. Are you still looking for more details and tourist attractions in this coastal municipality? You can find it on the website of the tourist office of De Panne.

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