Your holiday beach in Ostend from the air

The beach, the sun and the sea. They feel great in this drone video. Our guests Christine & Marco Branco emailed us after a successful holiday. We are happy to share it with you! Unique images With their DJI Mavic ... Read More

Fresh shrimps and fish at the Vistrap in Ostend? How fish vendors succeed every day

Are the shrimps at the Vistrap in Ostend really fresh every day? Join shrimp fish with the fishing boat O.62 Dini. Journalist Hans takes you on a report during an exciting night on the North Sea. ... Read More


"Sunset over the North Sea. Fantastic to take pictures here "

"Flying seagulls. The salt water that splashes against the breakwater. The waves rolling continuously on the beach ... That photographing is so nice. "That's what Karen Ravache, holiday guest in our apartment, discovered during her vacation in the apartment with seaview in ... Read More


Why it is often better weather on the Belgian Coast

The weather on the Belgian coast can sometimes be very different from the weather in the interior. Gray in Ghent or Antwerp, but perhaps sunny on the beach. Do you know why? 5 facts about the weather on the Belgian coast. ... Read More


Where can you find the most famous cocktail bar on the Belgian Coast?

The most famous cocktail bar on the Belgian coast ... and by expanding Belgium? You will find it in a well-hidden place in Knokke. Solve the riddle in this article ... and treat yourself to a mix that was previously drunk by Leonardo ... Read More

A beautiful modern apartment with everything on one. Tasty Cava on arrival, shops and restaurant within walking distance. The view is formidable !!!!!! Very nice is the garage where also the beach stuff is present.

Rob van Neijenhof

Sand on traces of coastal tram? The new suction dredger resolves it

Sand is nice to play in and build sandcastles. But it is a disaster between your sandwiches and a disaster on the tracks of the coastal tram. De Lijn solves this last problem with a ... Read More


Activities on the Zeedijk in Ostend

Your holiday accommodation on the Zeedijk in Ostend is perfect for exploring the Queen of the seaside resorts. There is a lot to visit and experience for young and old. There are yearly recurring events such as Kids @ Oostende, Theater aan zee ... Read More

Working holidays_7 reasons meetings work in Ostend

Your next working vacation? 7 reasons to meet and work in Ostend

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Royal Galleries in Ostend, Belgium. The Galleries were completed in 1906 on the orders of King Leopold II of Belgium.

Nice holiday with these 5 facts about the Royal Galleries of Ostend

Those who stay in Ostend in a rental apartment on the Zeedijk are guaranteed to walk through the Royal Galleries. This gem of the controversial King Leopold II is unfortunately in a dilapidated state. But who knows, the real renovation is finally in sight. What … Read More

We love the sea ... and our children!

As a newly composed family, we often spend time with our 5 children in the Apartment. When we are just the two of us, we usually wake up in the Loft. Wherever we stay and wake up, it is ... Read More