Dogs allowed in rental apartment

Tenants regularly ask us if they can bring their dog. Or their dogs. It is not possible in many holiday apartments. Dogs are allowed in Het Appartement and De Loft.

Why do we allow dogs?

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the sea with whom he loves. With your partner, your friends, your children or grandchildren ... and with your dogs. One or two dogs can be perfect for usif you pay a small surcharge. Very nice for us is that we find that owners of dogs usually leave our holiday homes the very best of all tenants. They check out extra on dog hair and clean up their dog stuff neatly.

Still wonderfully clean!

Because everything is then thoroughly polished and aired before the next tenants arrive, there is never a dog smell in our apartments. Due to our strict rules, people with a possible allergy have never experienced any inconvenience.

House rules for dogs

Each tenant must live in the holiday apartment as a good family man and respect the house rules. This also applies to the tenant with a dog. What dogs can not do with us? - Get in the beds. - Lie in the seats. - Shake yourself in a dry place. - Bite and scratch on the walls or furniture. - Bark. - Bring a lot of friends. (max. 2 dogs allowed) We ask that you bring a basket or blanket for your four-legged friend. This way it immediately brings its familiar reclining and sleeping place on holiday. Bite, scratch and play damage must be compensated by their owners and / or their family insurance.

Surcharge for dogs

When you book your holiday, you indicate whether you take 1 or a maximum of 2 dogs on holiday. For a small surcharge we will then ensure that you do not miss your pet on holiday. We charge 35 per dog per stay period

With your dog on holiday in Ostend? That can be done in ....

Dogs on the beach

In Ostend there is one beach strip where dogs are always admitted: on the beach of Raversijde from the Westlaan to the border with Middelkerke dogs are admitted throughout the year. On the Oosteroeverstrand from the Halvemaandijk to the border with Bredene, dogs are admitted throughout the year but not during the Easter holidays and not during the months of July and August. On the rest of the beach in Ostend, dogs are only allowed between 1 October and the beginning of the Easter holidays.

Fun facts

Do you know why King Leopold II built the mamdine Queen galleries? Do you know why Ostend is also good for business travel? Do you also know the assets of the Belgian seaside resorts such as Middelkerke, De Panne and Blankenberge?

"A long time ago that I felt so at home on a 'week-long getaway'. The view is unbelievable, the daily beach walk is wonderful and the stay in tip-top order. I will return!"

Ask? To reserve?

Anke and Hans rent out their two lodgings on the Zeedijk in Ostend. Book the Apartment or the Loft for your next holiday.

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