The apartment has an equipped kitchen with sufficient and modern appliances. Everything is also present for your baby. The Loft is then fully equipped for singles and couples. View the floor plans and equipment of Het Appartement and De Loft on this page

Facilities The Apartment

Ground plan of the apartment

Wheelchair accessible?

The Apartment is regularly rented to a holidaymaker with a wheelchair. View on this floor plan in advance whether the dimensions are good for you.

Elevator door measures 88 cm

Honest is fair: we do not know what is necessary to call a home "wheelchair accessible". What we do know is that people who are in a wheelchair rent the apartment regularly. Because you know best what your needs are, we have provided a floor plan of our holiday accommodations with the measurements of all the passageways in the house.
The lift door itself has a passage of 88 cm. The entrance doors are wider.

Our apartments accessible to wheelchairs?

Floor plan of De Loft

When are The Apartment or De Loft still available?


First look at ours FAQ page. There we collect the answers to the most frequently asked questions.