House rules and rental conditions

Our tenants regularly tell us how happy they are when they arrive at Het Appartement or De Loft. "The holiday apartment is clean". "Everything is in good order". "It smells fresh".

Our house rules contribute greatly to this satisfied feeling. In this, we emphasize, among other things, that smoking is not allowed and that everyone must take care of the holiday apartment as a good family man.

We think it's great that our tenants follow these house rules well.

House rules for maximum enjoyment of holidays by the sea

To allow everyone to enjoy their stay to the fullest at Het Appartement and De Loft on the Zeedijk in Ostend, we inform tenants in advance about our house rules. We ask you to sign these for approval and afterwards check whether they have been observed.

These are the house rules of Het Appartement and De Loft:

On arrival

On the dining table, you will find a folder with the inscription "IMPORTANT". This contains essential information (TV operation, Wi-Fi code, etc.). It is important to go through this folder at the start of your stay.

Please check the inventory immediately upon arrival. If things are missing or broken, you let the landlord know on the day of arrival. In the other case you are responsible for the loss or damage.

During your stay

  • The tenant must live in the holiday apartment as a good family man and respect the house rules.
  • A general smoking ban applies in the apartment and in the common parts of the building.
  • Pets are only allowed after written permission from the lessor. They are not allowed in the beds and seats anyway.
  • A maximum of 2 people may stay in the apartment (unless with the written permission of the lessor).
  • It is forbidden to move the bed, the 2-seater and the table.
  • It is forbidden to organize parties and parties in the apartment.
  • It is not allowed to place bicycles, go-carts and other bicycles in the apartment.
  • If you cause damage to furniture or furnishing in any way, we ask you to report this to the landlord before your departure.
  • The owner declares to be sufficiently insured in case he himself, one of his guests or a pet harms (family insurance).
  • Please respect the night's rest of the other residents from 22.00 p.m.
  • With your waste you can go to the basement (more info: see folder "Important").
  • The landlord is not liable for accidents during the stay.

At departure

  • Put everything back in the right place. The photos in the cupboard doors and the inventory list will help you with this.
  • Hang wet towels so that they can dry.
  • You do not have to clean the apartment, but you are supposed to leave it clean. This means, among other things, that the dishes have been done and that there is no more waste in the apartment.
  • Turn the thermostat all the way to 0 ° C.
  • Close the windows and interior doors.
  • Put the folder with the inscription “IMPORTANT” back on the dining table.

If there is no damage and if the house rules have been correctly observed, the deposit will be refunded within 10 days after the stay.