Wheelchairs accessible

Accessible to wheelchairs

Holidayers with wheelchairs rent our apartments regularly

The Apartment is regularly rented to a holidaymaker with a wheelchair. In De Loft we will soon welcome our first guest with a wheelchair. View on these floor plans whether the dimensions are good for you.

Ground plan of the apartment

Elevator door measures 88 cm

Honest is fair: we do not know what is necessary to call a home "wheelchair accessible".

What we do know is that people who are in a wheelchair rent the apartment regularly.

Because you know best what your needs are, we have provided a floor plan of our holiday accommodations with the measurements of all the passageways in the house.
The lift door itself has a passage of 88 cm. The entrance doors are wider.


Floor plan of De Loft

Slight slope at De Loft

In De Loft we have already welcomed people with a wheelchair. But everything depends on your needs and wishes.

With a wheelchair coming on holiday in the Loft is slightly less easy than in The Apartment. But it is certainly not impossible.

A disadvantage is that there is a staircase with six steps at the entrance along the Zeedijk. This staircase bypasses you when you take the back entrance via the Troonstraat. You take the slight slope.

Then you reach the basement of the building. There you can immediately take the elevator to the 5 floor. The lift is 85 cm deep and 100 cm wide. The door of the lift is 74,5 cm wide. The front door of the Loft is 81 centimeter wide.

In the living room and kitchen of the Loft you can easily move with a wheelchair. However, you can not ride a wheelchair along the bed. Also the toilet is not big enough to drive with a wheelchair. Everything depends on how mobile you are. Most wheelchair patients who come to the Loft, for example, do need the wheelchair to get upstairs and to move around in the living room, but not to go to the toilet or to go to bed.

De Loft_rolstoeloegbaar_trap_zeedijk
6 enter front entrance
De Loft_ wheelchair accessible_helling_troonstraat
Slight slope at the rear
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