Rent bed linen, bath linen and kitchen towels

Rent bed linen, bath linen and kitchen towels

Can you rent bed linen, bath linen and kitchen towels?

We prefer not to rent bed linen, bath linen and kitchen towels anymore. The new VAT rules make this too expensive and too complex.

Since July 1, 2022, the legislation on the rental has changed. If you rent bath or bed linen, the tax authorities consider our holiday accommodation as a hotel. The result is that you have to pay 6% VAT, just like in a hotel.

Unfortunately, you owe this VAT on the total rental price. Both on the price of the bath and bed linen, as well as on the rental price, the price for your pet,…
This ensures that it is a lot cheaper to bring your own bedding.

Costs for towels and bed linen:

If you still want to rent, we are obliged to charge these costs:

  • Kitchen towels: 7 euros per set (= 5 pieces)
  • Bath linen: 7 euros per set (= 1 large towel, 1 regular towel, 1 washcloth)
  • Bed linen: 7 euros for a single bed, 14 euros for a double bed
  • Add the VAT to your total rent.
Master bedroom_electrically adjustable bed
The electrically adjustable double bed The apartment.

ATTENTION we have to charge VAT when renting bath and bed linen.

An example: A family with 2 children and a dog comes to the Apartment with sea view in Ostend. They want the two double beds to be covered and also want bath linen and kitchen towels. We calculate their price:

  • Bed linen: 4 x €7 = €28
  • Bath linen: 4 x €7 = €28
  • Kitchen towels: 1 x €7 = €7
  • Dog stay: €52,5
  • Rental price: €900
  • Total price: €1015,5
  • 6% VAT: €60,93

If we add the rental price of bath and bed linen to this, we arrive at an extra €116,93.

The family therefore saves € 116,93 by bringing their own bath and bed linen.

What size bed sheets should you bring? You can read that below.

The double bed with sea view The Loft.

Dimensions beds in The Apartment

Since the new VAT rules, we advise our customers to bring their own bed linen to the Apartment. These are the dimensions of our beds.

Double bed 1:
Mattress: 1m60 – 2m
Duvet: 2m40 x 2m20

Double bed 2:
Mattress: 1m40 – 2m
Duvet: 2m40 x 2m20

Double sofa bed:
Mattress: 1m40 – 2m
Duvet: 2m40 x 2m20

Single bed:
Mattress: 0m90 – 2m
Duvet: 1m50 – 2m

Bed dimensions in De Loft

The Loft has 1 wonderful double bed of 160 x 200 cm. Bring your own suitable bedding.

When are Het Appartement and De Loft still available?


First look at ours FAQ page. There we collect the answers to the most frequently asked questions.