Floor plans & facilities


The apartment has an equipped kitchen with sufficient and modern appliances. Everything is also available for your baby. The Loft is fully equipped for singles and couples. View the floor plans and equipment of Het Appartement and De Loft on this page

Facilities The Apartment

Ground plan of the apartment

Dimensions beds in The Apartment

Since the new VAT rules, we advise our customers to bring their own bed linen to the Apartment. These are the dimensions of our beds.

Double bed 1: Duvet: 2m40 x 2m20 Mattress: 1m80 - 2m10 The mattress consists of 1 piece with a split at the top. There is a mattress protector and fitted sheet on the mattress. If you do not have a fitted sheet yourself, you can use the fitted sheet (which is washed weekly).

Double bed 2: Mattress: 1m40 - 2m Down blanket: 2m40 x 2m20 Double sofa bed: Mattress: 1m40 - 2m Down blanket: 2m40 x 2m20 Single bed: Mattress: 0m90 - 2m Duvet: 1m50 – 2m Whoever wishes rent bed linen and towels. Please indicate this when making your reservation.

Wheelchair accessible?

The Apartment is regularly rented out to a holidaymaker with a wheelchair. Check the page about wheelchair accessibility to see whether the interior spaces are also accessible to you.

Are our apartments wheelchair accessible?

Facilities The Loft

The Loft offers you all appliances and kitchen equipment for your holiday. The kitchen has a microwave oven with grill function. With this you can make lasagna, a fish dish, stew or broiler chicken. 

There is a refrigerator without a freezer compartment.

On the counter you will find a kettle and everything for your delicious Nespresso coffee. You will receive ten free pads from us. 

We also have in the kitchen:

a kettle, toaster, mixer, a number of storage boxes, pots, pans, dishes, wine and champagne glasses, cutting boards and knives, juicer, wine opener, can opener, puree pestle, soup ladle, spatulas, water jug ​​/ vase, drainer, thermos ...

There is of course also a vacuum cleaner and a mop and such.

Find the manuals for kitchen appliances and TV in the Loft here

Floor plan of De Loft

Bed dimensions in De Loft

The Loft has 1 wonderful double bed of 160 x 200 cm. Bring your own suitable bedding.

When are Het Appartement and De Loft still available?


First look at ours FAQ page. There we collect the answers to the most frequently asked questions.