5 advantages of our location on the Zeedijk in Ostend


“Such a great location”, a tenant emails us after her stay. And yes, tenants regularly mention the location of Het Appartement and De Loft as an asset. Why?

In this article we list the 5 most frequently mentioned advantages of our location according to our tenants.

First situate.

The apartment en the Loft are located on the Zeedijk in Ostend. If you walk from the casino to the Gaanderijen, you will arrive at our holiday apartments on the stretch of dike after the Gaanderijen and horse racing track.

For many it is a lesser known part of the Queen of Seaside Towns. And just because of that our guests often positively surprised. 

Many loyal customers say this seaside location is one of the reasons why they book with us again.

Trump 1. More space on the beach and the dike

During the summer holidays it is a bit of a walk on the dike of Ostend and in the city. It is also very busy on the beach and in the sea. Reading quietly or swimming among all that booing is not really possible. 

Some find it a pleasant bustle. Others like to avoid the thousands of tourists who descend to the sea during the holiday periods. 

Children playing on the beach - Ostend-Mariakerke - AppartementMetZeezicht.be
Young and old enjoy the large beach in front the apartment en the Loft © Hans Hermans

“I love the conviviality on our stretch of the dike,” says one of our regular guests.

“Even during the tourist season it remains fun. There are fewer people here: hardly any day trippers, no groups on an outing, no gangs of bachelors, ... That's why there is more room, which is also important in these COVID-19 times. ”

Trump 2. Within walking distance of the center of Ostend

Our holiday apartments are close to the center. That is on foot or easy to reach by tram

“We are happy that we are close to the center,” a tenant told us. “If we feel like shopping, want to eat in a certain restaurant or buy fish in the old fish market, then we take a lovely walk on the beach. We return via the dike. ”

Trump 3. Restaurants and shops nearby

This third asset is a very important one for many of our guests who want to pamper themselves extra.

Close to the Apartment and the Loft you will find a dozen restaurants and shops. There is always something open.

You will find a complete overview in the article + 15 shops and restaurants within less than 1 km of your holiday apartment.

And as another regular customer says: 

“The Spar is nearby. The Delhaize behind the corner. And here a little further on the dike is a friendly baker who has good bread and now also ice creams. This way we easily get everything we need to cook for ourselves. And if we don't feel like it, we go to one of the many restaurants in the area. ”

Trump 4. Beautiful undeveloped nature

The undeveloped stretch of dunes between Ostend-Mariakerke and Middelkerke also appeals to many tenants.

“Close to our holiday apartment it is wonderful to walk on the beach or in the dunes”, we hear. 

This piece of unguarded and undeveloped beach is therefore ideal for the peace seeker who loves the silence and tranquility.

The Warandetoren offers a beautiful view of the dunes and sea between Mariakerke and Middelkerke © Hans Hermans

Trump 5. Less noise from school-age youth

“We are so happy that we no longer rent a holiday apartment next to the Ostend Casino,” a tenant just told us. “It was always so busy there. Young people gather in the square during the afternoon and after school. They play, shout, amuse themselves… and therefore cause quite a lot of noise and nuisance for those who want to enjoy the sea and dike in peace. 

There are no schools at the Apartment and the Loft, and therefore no school-going youth who make noise. ” 

Would you also like to enjoy this location? Discover our apartments!

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