How coastal protection will radically change your beach holiday in Ostend by 2060. 5 improvements by Plan Seaward

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The sea view from the Apartment with Sea View will change dramatically in the coming decades. But don't worry! Because coastal protection against rising sea levels provides unexpected improvements for your seaside holiday. Discover 5 surprises from Plan Seaward for your holiday with a view of the sea.

In this blog you can read about the drastic changes to the beach of Ostend that the Flemish coastal protection plan 'Plan Seaward' entails.

But first briefly. What exactly is the Seaward plan?

What is the Seaward plan?

Seaward Plan is the plan with which the Belgian coast is arming itself against rising sea levels. Previously it was one of the future visions for our coast. It was recently selected as the future plan to protect our coast and hinterland up to 3 meters of sea level rise.

This video clearly explains the Seaward plan

The main goals are

  1. increase safety,
  2. keep the hinterland dry,
  3. creating new space for recreation, nature and energy supplies.

These goals will be achieved by 2060 by raising and widening dunes and dikes, and by moving the beach 100 meters seawards.

5 improvements thanks to the fight against sea level rise

What improvements will this plan provide against rising sea levels for holidaymakers? How do the drastic changes contribute to a better beach experience? How will it make the experience of nature more intense for tenants of our apartments?

If we examine the recently approved Seaward Plan, we find at least five improvements for your sea view and our beach.

We also have good news for those who don't like change. You have time to get used to the plans. We only expect the significant transformation by 2060.

Improvement 1. Beaches remain large despite rising sea levels

The expected rise in sea level would take away many stretches of beach from our Belgian coast. But thanks to the Seaward Plan, the beaches are not shrinking. On the contrary, holidaymakers get more beaches here and there.

This beach will shift. Because an important feature of the Seaward Plan is the shift of the high and low water lines by an average of about a hundred meters towards the sea.

grandfather with grandchild playing on beach

This means that the wet beach, or the area between the high and low water marks, remains as wide as it is today.

The dry beach will also remain at least as wide as it is now. In many places it even becomes slightly wider. So there will be more dry beach in front of our apartment than there is now.

Improvement 2. Higher beach and dunes protect against flooding

In addition to the shift of the water lines, the beach is also being raised step by step. This ensures that the dikes and apartments are better protected against flooding and storm damage.

This creates space for additional coastal protection measures without shrinking the beach. Consider the construction of dunes, dikes or hybrid measures that are a combination of both.

The higher dunes and dikes provide a buffer against the wind. This will allow you to walk out of the wind more often and enjoy the dike. It will also be easier to find a wind-free spot on the beach.

Curious about what Seaward brings to Ostend?

Improvement 3. New dunes attract additional nature

The higher dunes also create a very beautiful natural view from our apartments. The sleek beach will eventually be replaced by a strip of rolling dunes, swaying grasses and a more varied landscape. What a unique sea view this will provide!

The new dunes will continue to grow on their own. And also attract more nature. Will you soon see seals resting in the dunes? That's certainly possible. Today, the animals find too few places to rest on our coast.

Child plays on the beach
Do you ever play in the dunes in front of you? apartment with sea view?

When seals are at ease, they also like to show themselves. Always keep your distance. Even if they appear next to you in the water, as you read in Watching seals in Ostend. Yes, you can!

You can now see how these dunes will arise and grow nearby.

Walk to the first test zone between our apartments and Middelkerke. In Raversijde, brushwood hedges and marram grass were planted in front of the dike over a length of approximately 700 meters.

These dunes grow naturally with sand due to the wind. You can already see a beautiful dune strip developing. This ensures that the sand remains on the beach, which forms an extra buffer against the water and is therefore a good thing for coastal protection.

Improvement 4. Creative interpretation of multifunctional dike

Thanks to the Seaward Plan, the width of the current dry beach will be maintained and even increased in many places. You read that above.

The new dike will connect to the existing promenade, close to residents and in combination with a high and wide beach. Another option is a stepped dike, alternating paving and greenery.

What are we going to do with this extra space? You can think and dream about that.

More space to walk quietly? More room to race go-carts? Extra cozy terraces next to the new dunes? Unique hiding places for children? New adventurous activities?

The plans state that the extra space can be used in various ways. For example, you can opt for a multifunctional dike with sports and recreational facilities. In other places you can simply sunbathe away from the wind.

Improvement 5. More space and tranquility for holidaymakers

Are you lying on a crowded beach today? And are you walking on a crowded dike? Then the new beaches and dunes will provide more space.

The result? More square meters for you, your children, your windbreak and your beach games.

Family walks on beach

More space means more peace and privacy. More space to walk, play, swim and build sand castles with your friends and family.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2060 before the full Seaward Plan is realized.

But of course you don't have to wait that long to enjoy the delicious Belgian Coast.

More information about the Seaward Plan can be found here

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