Corona and your holiday by the sea – Enjoy your holiday in Ostend without any worries!

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(update of this article on October 25, 2022)

Corona and your holiday by the sea. From now on, there are no more restrictive corona measures during your holiday in Ostend. Enjoy spring, summer, autumn and winter 2022-2023 to the full again this year.

There are no longer any restrictive corona measures during your holiday on the Ostend seawall.

Only mouth masks are required or recommended according to these guidelines:

Wearing a mouth mask remains mandatory only:

  • in healthcare institutions, pharmacists, at the doctor

In busy locations, a mouth mask is recommended for people who are medically vulnerable.

When sufficient distance cannot be kept, wearing a mouth mask is recommended for everyone.

Check the corona measures in Ostend


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For those who want to look back at the past situation. We have this old one blog preserved. Read it through and be amazed at the strange times in which we all had to live. Corona by the sea... it was something for us. We are so happy that we can now enjoy all the splendor on the Ostend seawall, the lovely beach and the always surprising sea. You can even now take a look at our sea via this live webcam.

Corona by the sea. Measures in 2020 and 2021

How different is the current 'normal' from how it was during the past years 2020 and 2021. Then we informed you through this blog about the influence of corona on your holiday at sea in Ostend. Looking back at what it was like? You can do so through these 9 questions and answers:

Corona no longer leaves its mark on the summer as the virus did in 2020. Also today there are corona measures to respect in Ostend.

Anyone who The apartment en The Loft rents can enjoy their stay by the sea without many restrictions.

You can always enjoy the city. The beach and the sea in front of your holiday apartment are also freely accessible!

In this article we list the most important measures of the City of Ostend for you, tenants of one of our apartments.

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation safely!

How to keep a distance to the sea?

Social distancing remains mandatory everywhere. Everyone must stay 1,5 meters away preserved with others on the seawall, on the beach and in the city.

For the hot days, Ostend recommends a beach cover. As a guest of Het Appartement you can borrow the beach cover from the garage. You can easily demarcate your own spot. Although other ways of keeping your distance are also allowed.

Ostend is committed to a maximum spread of people across the different beaches. For example, the city provides to allow up to 30.000 people per day on this great stretch of beach on our Belgian coast.

Who has access to the beach of Ostend?

All beaches are freely accessible. You only have to register on the three busiest beaches on absolute peak days between the Sailors Monument and Thermae Palace Hotel. These are the Klein Strand, the Groeistrand and the Groot Strand (up to the Venetian Galleries).

Those who want to sunbathe, swim and play in front of Het Appartement and De Loft (in summer) do not need to make a reservation. Our beach is not one of the busiest beaches in Ostend.

When should you wear a face mask?

During your holiday in Ostend, the same rules apply as in the city or municipality where you live.

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory in all public buildings, on the market, in recycling parks, in places of worship and in cemeteries.

Face masks in the city center and on the seawall are mandatory at busy times, when people can't keep enough distance from each other (less than 1,5 meters). This measure applies in every Belgian coastal municipality.

A mouth mask is not mandatory when traveling by car, motorcycle, bicycle or scooter. Even when you exercise intensively, you do not have to wear a mask. If you are eating or drinking something, you do not have to wear a mouth mask. Of course you have to keep the necessary distance from other people.

Who watches over the corona measures?

The police regularly patrol the Zeedijk. They will also be present with a fixed base on the beach.

Beach teams will be active on the beaches. They ensure that everything runs smoothly and act as the first point of contact for questions or problems.

Hygienic facilities such as hand gel will also be available.

Which restaurants are open?

All restaurants, snack bars and cafes in Ostend are open. Sit comfortably on the terrace or take out and eat in your holiday apartment.

We as landlords support the call of the City of Ostend and Economic House to support the local traders and catering. Buy locally! And good.

Which restaurants can you find near your holiday apartment? read + 15 shops and restaurants within less than 1 km of your holiday apartment(Opens in a new browser tab

Mussels with chips
Take away mussels with fries? Check the list of Ostend restaurants in this article

How to shop in Ostend?

Ostend is more than beach, sea and sun. Shopping is a great activity for many holidaymakers.

Shopping is no problem. You can shop safely in the city. You will be assisted by 'shopping stewards', a circulation plan and counting systems. This way you know that there are not too many people in the shopping streets.

A circulation plan applies in the most popular shopping street, Kapellestraat with one-way traffic and subdivision into zones. In sanitary stations, shoppers can wash their hands.

Read more about safe shopping in Ostend here

Where can you find all the corona measures of the City of Ostend?

Before you stay, inform yourself about the measures in force in Ostend. The city of Ostend lists all measures and options on their website.

For all information about corona in Ostend, visit

When can holidaymakers come to the sea?

Anyone who rents a holiday apartment is always allowed on the coast. Day trippers are asked to take into account the crowds on the coast and on the trains.

On the pressure barometer of the coast you can see where it is less crowded. The neighborhoods that are colored green and light green are particularly quiet. Check the pressure barometer of the coast here before you go out!

Are you planning to travel to the sea by train and do you want to be sure of a seat? Then choose the Coastal Express. This is the NMBS solution that allows you to reserve seats in advance on direct trains to Ostend, De Panne, Knokke and Blankenberge.

Have you not made a reservation? Then the NMBS recommends that you check the crowds and occupation on your train before you leave. You do this via the NMBS app. Is the train orange or red? Then choose another train or destination.

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