+15 shops and restaurants within a maximum of 1 km from your holiday apartment


“Are there shops and restaurants in Ostend near Het Appartement and De Loft?” That questions ohour guests arranged us. We can reassure them immediately. There are bakers, chip shops, supermarkets and catering establishments.

Feel free to come on holiday without a car trunk full of food. There are no fewer than 15 interesting shops, restaurants, snack bars, bakeries, ice cream shops, pharmacies... in the vicinity of your holiday apartment.

Because yes. Less than 1 km from your holiday apartment you will find all the shops you need! 2 supermarkets, 2 bakeries, 2 chip shops, a pharmacy and much more.

Moreover, you have a lot of restaurants in Ostend on the Zeedijk where the food is tasty and cozy. Now in times of corona, you can pick up food. Read about this Everything you need to know about corona during your holiday in Ostend by the sea.

Tasty fruit is up for grabs. Nearby The apartment en The Loft you will find 2 supermarkets, 2 bakeries, 2 chip shops, 1 pharmacy, the MediaMarkt and cozy restaurants and taverns

In this article we give you an overview

Which stores are nearby?

At 200 meters from your apartment you will find a small supermarket (the former fir). This supermarket has fresh bread, fresh vegetables, cheese, meat and dairy products. The racks are further filled with chips, soft drinks, ice creams, magazines and newspapers, biscuits, dry food, sauces and preserves.

This mini-supermarket on the Zeedijk is ideal for a small purchase, bread and food products that you have forgotten. Be sure to say "hello" to the new owners!
Seawall 106, Ostend

At 500 meters from your apartment with sea view you also have the spacious supermarket Delhaize Ostend Sea'rena. Here you will find everything you need. An extensive range of fish, fresh bread, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, cheese and meat, dairy products, chips, biscuits, beer, wine… Anyway, everything you will find in another Delhaize.
Open every day from 8 hours, except on Sundays.
Northlaan 13, Ostend (shopping center at football stadium)

Which restaurants are located on our part of the Zeedijk in Ostend?

A few more restaurants have been added this year on the Zeedijk within walking distance.

Our recommendations:
- Tavern Mercator (simple, soup of the day from 5 euros, sandwiches)
- Fish restaurant De zee wins (eating lobster with a view of the sea.)
- Pizzeria Sorrento (the most popular Italian on the Zeedijk. pizza and pasta, but also seafood and tasty desserts)
- Bistro Strandhuis (from shawarma, via stew to tonne rolls)
- Momento (new cocktail bar with delicious ice cream)
- North restaurant (culinary, tasty fresh fish daily)
- Restaurant - tea room The wave (Belgian cuisine with particularly authentic and traditional dishes)

Where can you buy fresh bread near your holiday apartment?

Two bakers on the Zeedijk in Ostend spoil you daily with fresh bread. Because they coordinate their closing day nicely, a baker is open every day.
They sell gingerbread cakes, pistolets, dozens of types of bread, spice and treats for your dining table.

- Bread and pastry Prestige (also sandwiches, fresh squares confiture and delicious smelling pancakes)
- Bakery Diemas, Zeedijk 163fresh bread Oostende mariakerke

Is there a pharmacy nearby?

Yes. At 350 meters you have a pharmacy of Baetslé Thierry. “Very friendly staff and good service”, they say our guests about him. “The pharmacists are very pleasant and always ready to advise. If the product is not in stock, they are happy to order it.”
Handy for emergencies. Although you especially wish that you do not need this address.
Troontstraat 99, Ostend

Can I find a deep-fryer at a maximum 1 km?

You can find 2 frying at just 1 km from your rental apartment. They will gladly spoil you with a mountain of fries and tasty snacks. At fry Rudy you can also eat on the spot. Their home-made burgers are highly recommended!
- Rudy fry up, Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 515
- Kenny fry up, Mariakerkeplein 3
- Snack & Burger shop Delco, Zeedijk 158

Just stop by and you have delicious fries to eat in The Apartment or De Loft with the setting sun.

What other interesting stores are there?

If you book with apartment with sea view you choose the quietest part of Ostend. You enjoy the tranquility of Mariakerke and at the same time you have a lot of convenient stores nearby.

There are a few more interesting shops in the shopping center around Ostend's football and basketball stadium.
Sleuyter Arena Northlaan 13

Discover all shops and catering establishments in the vicinity of your holiday apartment on Google Maps

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