“Sunset over the North Sea. Fantastic to take pictures here ”


“Gulls flying by. The salt water that splashes against the breakwater. The waves that continuously roll on the beach ... That photography is so nice. ” Karen Ravache, holiday guest in our apartment, discovered this during her holiday in the apartment with sea view in Ostend. For the first time she brought her professional camera. "Really delicious."


Karen Ravache is one of our regular guests in the Seamore holiday apartment on the Zeedijk in Ostend. She sent us her photos and blog post after her stay. It was so nice to read that we would like to share her story with our other guests.

"I have always liked taking pictures," says Karen. "Since four years I have focused on it more intensively since I had my dog. But the creature was anything but simple to capture. She kept on running.

Two years later I started to breed butterflies. But they too are not easy to photograph. Their wings flutter way too fast. The camera of my smartphone could not follow that speed.

oostende_vlinder_karen ravache

The solution? A professional camera. I have saved for a Canon EOS 77d. Waw, I do not regret that now. That is something different than a smartphone. You can capture every rapid movement, even that of the hummingbird, for example. Rarely can you see the wings of it, but now I can do it perfectly with the right camera!

In October I could try my brand new camera for the first time at the sea, during our annual two week holiday at the Anke apartment. We have one anyway beautiful view from the apartment Seamore! And now it was also great weather in early October.

What did I enjoy. The North Sea itself gives me so much peace and freedom. When I can now combine this with my hobby, the holiday is complete.


How nice is it to take pictures of playing dogs. Fascinating and laughable, I think. Just as spontaneously I try to photograph children and adults. Such photos are always more fun than those photos you say when they have to laugh. Further let me be inspired by the different seasons. Mmmm, so nice to live out and enjoy my camera lens!

And nice that my photos are now published on the website of apartment-with-sea view after Anke told me that the photos seemed to come straight from the books. Hihi, they have never been in the books before so I am very proud that you put my photos on your website ?.


I thought the sunset was the ideal time for the timelaps function of my device. The sun was so intense red. Once my device was set up, it was very magical and soothing. I put my seat there, took a drink in my hand and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Next year I will be enjoying myself again with my camera. I already imagine how I aim it at the setting sun, on the beach, the North Sea, the seagulls… I am already counting down to the nice holiday. Then I come back to enjoy the great outdoors. ”

Thank you for your photos and article, Karen! We have happily placed them on our photo page. View them here!
See you next year!


We have put the timelaps on YouTube. View the here most beautiful sunset in Ostend.

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