Working by the sea? Good idea! 7 reasons to meet and work in Ostend

Working holidays_7 reasons meetings work in Ostend

Working by the sea is a fantastic idea. You can rent your desk with a sea view from us. You can hold meetings with the salty sea air, brainstorm after a refreshing dip in the waves, develop your vision with the fresh wind still in your hair. VisitOostende lists 6 reasons to hold a meeting at the coast. But we think they forgot one important reason. Discover in this article the extra reason that makes you choose Ostend… also as a working holiday!

© Hans Hermans, Anke Dewilde

Ostend is sun, sea and beach. You will discover that during your holiday on one apartment on the Zeedijk. But the Queen of Seaside Towns is also on the coast during your working week! Working by the sea is a fantastic combination.

Did you know that the coastal city has a lot of opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives looking for an original place for meetings, conferences, teambuilding, inspiration days and a real working holiday?

Discover in this article the 7 reasons why Ostend will be your next location for a meeting, teambuilding and / or inspiring workweek!

Reason 1.
No or hardly traffic towards the coast

While the whole country stands still during the morning and evening peak, brands Visit Oostende and everyone who drives to the coast on a weekday little to no traffic jams in the direction of Ostend. So you can work without traffic jams at the sea.

On most days you can easily drive to the coast to meet or attend a conference. Moreover, the motorway takes you to the center of the city. You'll be at your rented apartment on the seafront in no time.

Reason 2.
Sea and beach provide inspiration for working by the sea

The second reason can be found at the sea and the beach. These have a relaxing and inspiring effect. Even if you come to Ostend for a meeting or conference, you always get that holiday feeling. Take a breath of fresh air in between. Or you can then make some time for a longer walk on the seawall or the beach. Now that's relaxing and brainstorming.

You also meet with a view of the sea.

Reason 3.

Tough teambuilding such as sailing car, kiting and sailing

Ostend is more than the congress and seminar city by the sea. It is the teambuilding city for Belgian companies Belgium coast. The beach, the seawall and the sea is of course perfect for teambuilding activities that you can not do anywhere else.

You will find many options for this. Popular activities include go-karts quests, kite initiations, sand yachting, sea rafting, sailing and speed boating.

What activity do you do during your next teambuilding?

Reason 4.
Large conference centers with also small rooms

Few convention centers are as polyvalent as it is Kursaal Oostende en The Great Post. Both locations have a very large capacity in one room and many different rooms. This allows you to split groups for various workshops and meetings. Dynamic working at sea is called something like that 😉

Reason 5.
Working by the sea at original locations with catering

For those looking for locations 'outside the ordinary', Ostend has a few special alternatives. Did you know Fort Napoleon can be fully rented for a family day with the entire company? At the same time, it is extremely suitable for numerous team building activities, seminars, ...

The contemporary restaurant with a capacity up to 80 people is a lesser known, but strong asset. This will gladly take care of the complete catering for your event.

Gallery BeauSite is special because of the architectural structure and art déco setting with a view of the sea. You can dine in a cozy setting. It is also perfect for receptions, product presentations, press conferences, .... Team building such as a cooking or painting workshop are also possible.

Wellington Hippodrome is our third original location. With a view on the horse racing track you organize a fair, conference, evening party and much more. On 2 July 2018 is there by the way Ostend Curse Place. That is 9 mondays exciting horse races and top ambiance by the sea.

Op Meet in Ostend you will also find other nice locations to hold meetings and congresses.

Reason 6.
Great events for informal evenings with business partners

Are you looking for an opportunity to invite your customers and business relations in a less formal atmosphere? That is also possible! Then take a look at the unique events in Ostend.

Film festival Oostende, Ostend Curse and Ostend for Anchor offer all facilities and possibilities for a pleasant evening with your contacts. This will certainly appreciate your business relations.

There are also opportunities throughout the year to invite your customers to Ostend. Think for example of the VIP possibilities that football club KVO en basketball team BCO offer.

Reason 7.
Luxurious apartment for working holidays

And the last reason to make Ostend your place to find inspiration as well as to work quietly, away from the hustle and bustle of every day? Well, the modern and luxurious rental apartments on the Zeedijk are an asset that should not be underestimated.

Give yourself some space to do what really matters, to make your strategic plans, evaluate your people and dream about the future of yourself or your company. Working at sea means giving yourself focus.

In order to save you the difficult search for a spacious, clean and modern apartment, we introduce ourselves Apartment with sea view on the Zeedijk in Ostend for. Book your stay well in advance, take the elevator to the beautiful Apartment on the sixth floor or The Loft on the fifth, make your cup of coffee for free and enjoy the phenomenal sea view while working.

Hostess Anke and host Hans wish you inspiring beach walks, work enjoyment and growth plans during your most inspired working week of the year.

Book your stay at the seaside in Ostend

© This article was written for Apartment with sea view by Freelance journalist Hans Hermans

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