Child plays on the beach

How coastal protection will radically change your beach holiday in Ostend by 2060. 5 improvements by Plan Seaward

The sea view from the Apartment with Sea View will change dramatically in the coming decades. But don't worry! Because coastal protection against rising sea levels provides unexpected improvements for your seaside holiday. Discover 5 surprises from Plan Seaward for your holiday with… Read more

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Corona and your holiday by the sea – Enjoy your holiday in Ostend without any worries!

Renters of holiday homes are sure of their place on the beach this summer. Everything you need to know about corona for your holiday by the sea in Ostend ... Read more

seagull in ostend

15 bird species that you will encounter during your holiday on the Belgian coast

Ornithologist Jan Rodts lists 15 bird species of which there is a good chance that you will find them on the Belgian coast. Discover the most popular seabirds in this article. … Read more

Seal ostend apartment sea view

Watching seals in Ostend. Yes, you can!

"We see a seal from your apartment!" Our guests send us this regularly. Because yes, there are more and more seals in Ostend. And they show themselves. We do not only rent the Apartment and the Loft with sea view… also with… Read more

Dog by the sea in the apartment

“Blissfully enjoyed the sea with our dog”

Together with our dog Yoda we enjoyed a blissful week in 'Het Appartement'. Lots of light and space, very tastefully decorated, cozy fireplace and a fantastic view of the sea. All the comfort in the kitchen for a cozy cooking ... Read more

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Music in Ostend. 5 essential songs about the Queen of Seaside Towns for your holiday by the sea

Music in Ostend? Yes, you certainly will. It is also nice that Ostend regularly appears in a song. “Oostende Bonsoir”, sings Arno. “Ostend, One city is not the other”, De Mens sings about the Queen in their singel … Read more