5 indispensable songs about Ostend for your holiday by the sea

songs Oostende apartment with sea view

Songs about Ostend? Our city by the sea regularly pops up in a song. “Oostende Bonsoir”, Arno recently sings. “Ostend, One city is not the other”, De Mens sings in their brand new canal. Take these 5 songs about Ostend with you on a holiday by the sea.

Ostend - Spinfish

Ostend from Spinvis starts the list in our list: songs about Ostend. The title may not be clearer, but it is striking that the seaside city is not mentioned once in the atmospheric song.

Walk with Spinvis through Ostend.

Because which way I choose
He leads here
History never repeats itself
But always rhymes once


Oostende is the first single from the new Spinvis album 'Goodbye, Justine Keller'.

Ostend - The Human

Rock group De Mens also recently found its way to Ostend. They sing the Pearl on the coast in a slightly rougher way than Spinvis. It is striking that there is no sea, no city, no beach in their clip. Dear gentlemen, may we invite you by the sea for a remake with the sea and wind you are singing about?

De Mens likes to get a breath of fresh air by the sea


One city is not the other
We find comfort for shared sadness
Let it blow
Let it blow
We walk on


We still have to wait for the album on which Ostend will fit.
Camera: Lou Berghmans sbc - Ediingt: Reina Rasti

Bonsoir Ostend - Arno

Arno has waited a whole career to sing his favorite city by the sea. The result is impressive. Ostend Bonsoir.

Beautiful night walk from Arno on the beach of Ostend.

Tu me promènes, Ostend
Comme tous les soirs
The bière and bière
Et d'histoire and histoire

Ça rime à rien
Comme tous les soirs
C'est pas grave, demain
Sera un autre soir, ohC'est pas grave, demain


Ostend is on the Santeboutique album

By train to Ostend - Spring

It is much happier on the train to Ostend with the youth band Spring. The television series has long since disappeared from the screen, but this song about Ostend defies time. It is a firm hit when we drive to the sea with our 5 children. Do you bet that your youngest traveling companions will also sing along loudly? Have fun with it!

Spring takes the train to Ostend

With the train to Oostende
Tjuk tjuk tuut
Because my sweetheart lives there
Tjoeke Tjoeke Tuut Tuut
Who spoiled me for weeks
Tjuk tjuk tuut
That's why she became my love


On the beach of Ostend - Louis Neefs

We close our list with this classic from Louis Neefs. The 1979 song is still timelessly beautiful today. Turn the volume knob The Loft of The apartment further open… and sing along about Louis Neefs' love on the beach of Ostend.

A quiz question before you start singing: "What is Louis Neefs' love by the sea called?"

Louis Neefs enjoyed the day of his life on the beach of Ostend

On the beach of Ostend
On a summer's day
On the beach of Ostend
The sky was blue
It became the day of our lives
I was yours upside down
Evangelina, I love you

Louis Neefs
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